Ferrocement is a composite material comprising rich cement which is highly reinforced with continuous and small diameter steel rods and wires. It may be defined as ‘Sophistically designed well proportioned cement based compound in which optimum quantity of suitably sized steel sections are evenly dispersed for achieving remarkable homogeneity, ideal monolithic properties, excellent strength and absolute impermeability’ . Its engineering properties, not only in compression but also in tension, bending and fatigue are far superior. Unlike RCC, its panels are quite thin. Its thickness is generally between 20mm to 50mm. It is light in weight and can be constructed to any shape of cross section. There are basically three types of methods of Ferro cement construction:

  1. Armature system
  2. Closed mould system
  3. Integrated mould system

We use the Armature System of construction. The Constituent material for Ferrocement Construction are :
• Cement
• Fine Aggregate
• Water
• Admixture
• Mortar Mix
• Reinforcing mesh
• Skeletal Steel
• Jointing compounds
• Admixtures

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